Italian Granite: Windsor

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Italian Granite: Windsor
Windsor-area homeowners are fortunate to have several top suppliers of Italian granite operating in the city and surrounding communities. While granite is quarried in many countries around the world, it's widely known that Italy provides some of the finest granite and marble on Earth. Stone from quarries such as the Rosa Beta near Olbia, Italy, or the Grigio Sardo in Oddastra, Italy, is beautiful, durable and versatile.
From Italy to You
The process of extracting granite from an Italian quarry and turning it into a product suitable for your floor or countertop is fascinating. Granite is formed when liquid magma, heated to extremely high temperatures and under great pressure, cools slowly and forms a layer of stone. The main minerals that comprise the stone are quartz and feldspar, but the molten stone usually incorporates other minerals such as hornblende, biotite and muscovite, as well as minor accessory minerals like magnetite, garnet, zircon and apatite. The quartz and feldspar lend the stone lighter shades such as white or pink, but the amount of other minerals present determines how much colour and pattern the stone will have. Because granite is created under such tremendous pressure, it is one of the hardest substances in the world. Scientists regard it as the "signature rock” of planet Earth, since it doesn't seem to be present anywhere else in the universe.
Using time-tested methods and modern machinery, crews cut enormous blocks of granite from the quarry sites on Italian mountains. The size of these blocks is staggering and that the task can be performed at all is somewhat of a triumph of man over nature!
After these gigantic blocks have been extracted, other crews cut them into smaller pieces so they can be transported. Next, the granite heads by truck to the stockyard where it will be transformed into building material. On arrival, blocks of stone are loaded into giant gang saws that cut them into the desired thicknesses.
After this step (which can take several days) the slabs of granite are moved to production. Some materials are coated with resin. Next, the slabs are burnished, using abrasives and diamond polishing wheels. This helps to highlight the stone's natural colour and patterning.
From there, slabs of granite are bundled and crated for shipping, then loaded into steel containers for their journey via ship to Canada.
Why Choose Italian Granite?
Granite has several advantages over other flooring or countertop materials. For example:
  • Granite is 100 per cent natural. Natural materials give your home a warm and welcoming atmosphere and they are much safer and healthier for your family.
  • Granite adds value to your home. Italian granite will lend both monetary and aesthetic value to your biggest investment.
  • Granite lasts forever. This stone has been used for centuries. Ancient Roman columns and spas made from granite are still standing today, a testament to its durability!
  • Granite is strong. This stone can withstand heat, water and force much better than other materials.
Italian granite is one of the strongest and most beautiful materials in the world. Visit a showroom today and discover the many advantages of using Italian granite in your home.